YouBrunch, find a brunch in France !

The brunch comes from the United States and settled in France for over twenty years. The origin of the word is a contraction of breakfast (breakfast) and lunch (lunch) and announces the color perfectly. This is to combine the two meals by mixing sweet and savory dishes. This is the ideal concept for late risers brunch because you can from eleven to fifteen hours. It also allows for an energetic, by waiting until dinner. The opportunity to party the night before and building on this perfect compromise on Saturday or Sunday.

The composition of brunches leaves the door open to the imagination almost anything can be on a brunch table. Nevertheless, a must are required to make it successful. First, the sweet: pastries, bread with butter, jam or honey, possibly pancakes or pancakes, all washed down with tea, coffee, chocolate and fruit juices. And salty, with a centerpiece: the egg; real highlight of the brunch, it eat all the sauces and is often accompanied by bacon or cheese. Sausages, roasted meats, chicken, salads, quiches are in place. Not to mention the desserts, fruit pies, cakes or cookies. Generally, the drinks are offered fruit juices, soft drinks but also, to add a festive air, champagne.

Sun terrace, in Paris, friends, children, a weekend that promises or prolonged, it is you brunch, which proposes to brighten your day, or what’s left, with its formulas. Usability of such a relaxation is priceless and makes all the success of brunch. Farewell to the puzzle to get up early before the bakery closes, complete the tedious chore of composing the family meal on Sunday, missing the lazy Saturday when he must still go shopping, brunch is the preferred solution of the whole family. Sit comfortably, the terrace welcomes you, Paris glows and let you … brunch you take care of everything.